Ingineer Your Mind,
Change Your World,
And Make A Dent In The Universe…

Noun - "a person who designs, builds, or maintains engines, machines, or public works.
Verb - "Design and build (a machine or structure)."
Noun - "a person who designs, builds or maintains their internal self"
Verb - "Design and build (your internal self).

Engineering is for the outside world, ingineering is for your inner world, and when you ingineer your internal world, your external world changes too. Connection, money, fulfillment... these are just a few of the benefits of being an ingineer.

You can't become an ingineer overnight, it is a process. Many have tried and failed... Why? Because you only get one shot. Once you pass the initiation, you can leave anytime you choose, and you do so knowing that you will never be allowed back in.

Ingineers are the change-makers. They show up every day. They do what is needed to be done today, so they can live like others dream tomorrow. It's not about sacrifice and more about choice. Choosing the better you. Doing favors for the future you. The you that will always evade you because you realize deep down. That once an ingineer, always an ingineer.

What I’m going to show you is equally important in your evolution as the discovery of fire was for mankind's evolution.

This is the fastest and simplest way to get everything you want.

Simple, does not mean easy...

You'll join an exclusive community where everybody is pushing each other to level up, and evolve and the perfect pace to get ultimate success and limitless growth.

You'll sync to our app, join the community and dive head first into an intense and rewarding process that will cut the cord of the past, releasing those entanglements, and freeing you to step into the light.

You’ll let go of the limitations, blocks, self-sabotage, and useless habits from the past that hold you back and start unlocking the better you, that’s been dying to come out.

Life is full of habits.

Almost everything we do in life is done automatically.

The way we eat, the way we walk, even the way we sit.

None of these actions are conscious; in fact many believe we can't help ourselves.

This is the same as the way we approach our life goals.

All that is about to change...

Our conscious mind may decide to change, but true change can only happen at the unconscious level.

Using our NAP ™ technology which uses hypnotic principles, NLP, persuasion, isochronic tones, and emotional state conditioning, you’ll have access to a library of powerful cerebral condition processes initiating a change throughout all levels of your consciousness.

True change can only happen when you align your conscious mind with your unconscious mind - this is the only way to get the edge you’ve been searching for and to do it, all you need to do is take a NAP ™.

With Project Prometheus you can access and update the part of the brain that controls your behaviors.

You can condition yourself to become the person you have always known is inside. Imagine what life will be like when you can ingineer the way your mind works and arrange it in a way that gets you the outcomes you want. Every. Single. Time.

From the day we are born up until we turn seven years old, our minds are in a constant altered state, no filter i.e. we soak up everything around us like a sponge.

Everything we soak up then goes on to unconsciously form our attitudes, our values and our beliefs.

These beliefs then hold us to ransom later in life.

Until you take back control and that’s what I intend.

Research has shown that our unconscious mind is capable of processing 2 millions bits of data per second compared with the conscious of 5-9 bits per second...

To truly change, we need to get rid of the limiting beliefs and undesirable habits that can form the core of our subconscious.

Enter Prometheus…

Prometheus will help you if you are:

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    A high performing Entrepreneur, Consultant Or Business Owners who has hit a wall…

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    Prepared to do what it takes to get to that new level

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    Committed to YOUR success…

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    Ready to take control of the direction of your life

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    Committed to a 10-week process that will change your life (guaranteed)


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Having studied under multiple masters in Hypnosis, persuasion and NLP I am consistently perfecting and mastering the processes needed to give people the results that they seek.

This program was carefully designed for people who are ready to take their lives to the next level.

If you're serious about real and meaningful life change, then this is exactly what you've been waiting for.

WARNING: This is not for the faint of heart and can be challenging in many ways.

Here’s How You Get Started Today…

Before I work with anyone, I have to speak to them to ensure we’re a fit.

The deposit for the call is just $100.

That’s right, for just $100, we’re going to get on a call to see if Project Prometheus is right for you.

If we are and you’re ready to get started, I’ll reveal the investment and payment options for you.

This will allow you to apply the $100 to the Project Prometheus training.

To get started, click the “Let’s Talk, Clay” button and let’s get started.