Your  emotions  create your  thoughts…
Your  thoughts  become your  words…
Your  words  become your  actions…
Your  actions  become your  habits…
Your  habits  become your  character…
Your  character  creates Your  Future.

Your emotions create your thoughts…
Your thoughts become your words…
Your words become your actions…
Your actions become your habits…
Your habits become your character…
Your character creates Your Future.

It’s time to TAKE CONTROL and GET THE FUTURE YOU WANT regardless of your past.

Let’s create you vision together.

You have 3 options
to Begin Working With Me.

Performance Conditioning

Performance conditioning is your monthly success subscription. We get together on our scheduled monthly calls to knock out whatever is getting in your way of success. Stay for as little or long as you want. Your minimum investment is one month, 4 sessions.

Stay as long as you’re getting value. Here as we get together weekly, I’ll be using all modalities I’ve studied, hypnosis, NLP, persuasion, neuroscience and psychology to help your unconscious, breakthrough limitations and self-sabotaging programs that have kept you at the from the satisfaction of life that you deserve.

Project Prometheus

Inspired by the Titan who stole fire from the God’s to give birth to mankind, Prometheus is a 10-week online total-transformation, group conditioning system designed to ignite your inner spark. This is run with our partner Grayzone Underground.

Inside the project you will have access to our custom NAP ™ technology (that uses hypnosis, NLP, Isochronic tones and visual sub conscious programming tools), live calls, online workbooks, unconscious conditioning sessions, and a structured and proven system to turn your life around.

It’s designed connect with your true self, the one beneath the BS you live with, and draws upon your innate abilities (some you have even overlooked) to enhance your strengths, overcome obstacles, initiate change and build lasting positive new habits.

Let go of the traumas, pain, and habits from the past and unlock the better you that's been itching to emerge with a proven strategy and foundation that will last you a lifetime.

The Switch - The Intensive.

The Switch is a 3-day immersive program that removes your old habits, beliefs, paaterns and challenges replacing them with the ones you want using hypnosis, NLP and all other change modalities I know and use.

This is intense.

You and me, no distractions, no phones, no interruptions. A private and exclusive, all expenses paid “advance”, spending each day together reprogramming your mind, and conditioning your body and spirit for this total transformation experience. You’ll experience a complete change in 3 days, with 3 months continuation conditioning.

Wipe your slate clean, format the hard-drive, and overcome anything that was holding your back.

Begin your personal revolution today.


Eric Uresk

When I use Clay’s programs… It works! I get more productive and getting things done consistently and recommend it to my fighters.

Joy Somers

I sat down with Clay and I woke up feeling the most present I have felt in my life. Everything was a done from a more relaxed and present place.

Case Studies

Carlonia Correa

I became a different person overnight in You 2.0, I am a completely new person now, and the weekly calls cemented it. Working with Clay is the shortcut to becoming the person you always wanted to be.

Eric Rollings

I’ve regained control. Clay’s work condensed 20 years of personal growth into 1. 40 year old issues are gone in less than 1 week. Every area of my life is improving.