Perception Is Reality,
Reality Changes To Your Will,
Stack Reality In Your Favour…

How A Single Night Changed Everything For Me, And Reduced A 10-year Long Journey Of Transformation Into Hours For My Clients Today…

Imagine being in a cold, dank room with no space to lay down, sleep, sit, or even have a private moment with yourself. Then throw in the weather rapidly decreasing to 0 Degrees Celsius (-30 Fahrenheit), having been awake for 30+ hours, and only wearing a t-shirt, pair of jeans, and some flip flops.

Now factor in you have no money, ID, or wallet, while in a foreign country. Sharing this room with many people who, like you, pushed the envelope one too many times, and it finally caught up with you all. No one wants to be in there.

In that moment, you’re given ONE chance to send an email letting those you love know where you are. Using your very tired mind, you use the persuasion and seduction strategies you’d picked up and could remember in this state of mind to ask for help.27 hours later (what felt like a lifetime), you’re released.

My question is…

While in that hell, do you believe you wouldn’t be able to transform into the best version of yourself, having seen what could happen? I think you would and not go back. Before we go into that, let me introduce myself…

My name is Clay Moffat.

I’m a performance hacker, a mental conditioning specialist, and a mind freak. Someone who has a proven track record when it comes to removing anxiety, imposter syndrome, and self-sabotage, resulting in my clients, people like you, becoming centered, clear and confident…

Unfortunately, the majority of people actually walk around in the state I just described but instead of being there against their will. They’re blissfully unaware (most of the time) and think they’re living their best life.

For me, when I left that jail cell, it was in that moment, that all of my other 8 lives that I had already used (yes I am a Leo so I get 9) clicked and the switch was made. I started devouring self-help books, books on psychology, NLP, hypnosis, persuasion and seduction. Anything that could teach me the secrets to writing a new future that I wanted and not one given to me by society.

One without the massive highs and lows.
One where I could have the control and, ultimately, the freedom I craved.

I've derailed myself more than most, I've also lost $100,000's of cash, and started again.

Since 2010, I’ve been searching out the best people, the best trainers throughout the world to give me the edge. The underdogs, the dark horses, the men and women who have an edge so I could free myself from the shackles that were holding me back. The further I studied, the more I realised it wasn’t just me, but the people closest to me in my life that needed help too and in that moment, my motivation when into hyper-drive...

After years of study, working, tweaking and refining…

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    I, no longer feel like an imposter, and no longer walk with a false confidence.

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    I respect myself and the relationships I create on a daily basis.

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    All this has given me control in myself, like I never dreamed was possible before...

And you can have it too…

Even entrepreneurs, athletes, and high achievers - have barriers and obstacles in our mind that flood us with viruses and disease-ridden thoughts. Many of which are designed to cause self-sabotaging behavior… Yet we are clueless on how to get rid of them permanently.

But this doesn’t have to be the case.

People have come to see me after years of therapy, and in less than a few hours… We achieve more in that time than in 6 years of therapy. And, while the traditional methods for change are effective and work well for some people, they also take a lot more time.

I have flown around the world multiple times, refining, honing and mastering my craft so you can shortcut the process that took me years down into mere hours. That's right... Hours!

I know time is money. We want these results and you deserve them now. So when you:

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    Decide it's time to change

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    Are done with internal blockades

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    Want to get out of the darkness

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    Are ready to break free

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    Want to feel like you can breathe and live without fear

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    Are ready to be the magnetic, momentum driven, and charismatic leader you know you can be…

Let’s talk.

I have a proven method for:

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    Erasing self-doubt

  • Installing fast, effective and lasting success

  • Deeply embedding powerful confidence

  • Unprecedented levels of self-control & self-discipline

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    And so much more…

I've already worked with Founder's, Millionaires, Pro Athletes, Nurse’s and anyone that’s a fit for my criteria and my methods. All while, enabling them to dissolve the shadow of their past, the shutdown the monkey in their mind and erase fear from their future.

They now freely live and operate in control; physically, mentally, and emotionally to the max.

If you wanna taste of what this could mean for you...